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Pachermo Peak Climbing

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19 Days
Best Seasons
Spring & Autumn
Tea house + Tent


  • Follow the beautiful less trekkers path Rolwaling Valley, explore the best of-the-beaten path, experience the real cold feet adventure
  • Touch the frost and ice, visit the frozen lake Tscho-rolpa, walk on the rock, glacier and finally climb the dream peak Pachermo 6,287m
  • Explore the major trekking route Tashi-Lapcha pass, visit Khumbu valley and experience the thrill aircraft flight from Lukla to Manthali Ramechhap and drive back to Kathmandu by private Jeep.


Pachermo peak (6,287m) is a trekking peak located right above the top of Tashi-Lapcha pass (5,755m) at Rolwaling Valley in Dolakha district. It is a difficult peak to climb, thus exceptional physical fitness, good health, strong determination, and climbing expertise are required. The Swiss team was the first group to summit this mountain in 1955AD. Following that, many adventurers climb this peak every year. On top of Pachermo, you can overlook the world's four 8,000-meter summits, including Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Tscho-Oyu, as well as a dozen icy peaks.

How to go and climb Pachermo Peak?

After arriving in Kathmandu, sightseeing around the old city Kathmandu valley, and then driving to Gongar Khola in Dolakha region by private Jeep, which takes 7-9 hours. The serious trekking and mountain climbing begins from there. For several weeks, the path follows the remote Tashi-Lapcha pass trekking route, traveling through the Tamakoshi river valley and Rolwaling river valley.

We organize all supplies and accomodation into the camping tent during the wilderness Tashi-Lapcha pass hiking 5,700m and Pachermo mountain climbing 6,287m. First, we ascend Yalung Peak 5,700m to get fundamental peak climbing knowledge and to properly acclimate our bodies for a successful climb to the summit of Pachermo Peak 6,287m. The view from the top of Pachermo Peak is breathtaking.

Note: If you offer, we can rent all climbing equipment such as an ice axe, harness, carabiner, figure 8, main rope, and others, but we strongly advise you to carry the appropriate size climbing boot and crampons because it is difficult to get the perfect western size footwear in Kathmandu.

Physical fitness for Pachermo Peak

When you go to the hill and mountain site for your outdoor fun, physical conditioning is crucial. Pachermo peak is a high-altitude and rather challenging peak to climb, therefore it necessitates excellent physical fitness, good health, a strong mental determination, and some climbing expertise. It is my personal recommendation that if you want to travel and climb the world's snowy peaks, the most vital aspect for your personal safety and secure summit is basic climbing knowledge.

TIMS card, Trekking Permit Card and Climbing permit card for Pachermo Peak

Pachermo peak is part of the Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project, so every peak climber must have a TIMS card (Trekking Information Management System), a Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project permit card, a Rolwaling valley special permit card, a peak climbing permit, a Sagarmatha National Park Conservation Area permit, and a Pashang-Lhamu rural municipality permit.

The best seasons to climb Pachermo Peak 6,287m

Pachermo peak is located in the less popular Rolwaling valley and Tashi-Lapcha pass trekking route, however it is one of the top hiking peaks for adventure climbers. The ideal months to climb Pachermo peak are October, November in autumn and April, May in spring because of the pleasant weather and good visibility.




How tall is Pachermo Peak in Nepal?

Pachermo Peak is 6,287 meters above sea level. Pachermo Peak, also known as Perchamo Peak, is located in Khumbu region of Nepal, in the Solukhumbu of the Sagarmatha National Park.

How difficult is it to climb Pachermo Peak?

Climbing Pachermo Peak in Nepal is a rewarding but challenging peak that requires an excellent level of climbing experience and skills, as well as cautious preparation in a mountain environment. While it is not as technically difficult as some of the higher peaks in the region, its altitude, crevasses, and unstable weather conditions create considerable problems. The climber should have prior ice and snow climbing experience, as well as the ability to properly reach a glacier. It is recommended to hire a qualified local guide and to be fully-equipped for high-altitude mountaineering.

How much does it cost to climb Pachermo Peak?

The cost of climbing Pachermo Peak in Nepal varies widely based on a wide range of criteria, including the trekking company or guide you hire, the duration of the expedition, the quality of assistance and facilities given, and the number of climbers in the group you're traveling with. The cost of climbing Pachermo Peak for 19 days is normally around $3,550 per person. Permits, guide and porter services, accommodation, along with certain climbing equipment are usually included in the cost.