Reg no.: 148884/72/073

No solo travel, hire licensed guide and visit Nepal

August 10, 2023


If you plan on traveling to Nepal, you should hire a tourist guide to assist you on your journey. Foreign tourists are not permitted to travel solo. The licensed guide is necessary for foreign tourists starting April 1st, 2023, however it does not applicable to native travelers. Trekkers have to obtain a digital TIMS permit from a local agency.

The tourist guide is authorized by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). The guide should have training in English and other foreign languages from a recognized institution, as well as knowledge of Nepal's geography, history, culture, laws and regulations, and overall environment. A tourist guide can be hired through a tour and travel agency or directly from the Nepal Tourist Guide Association. The tourist guide is in position to provide tourists with information and guidance, as well as ensuring their safety and making necessary arrangements for transportation, lodging, and sightseeing. The tourist guide should be insured in case of accidents or injuries during the trip.

It is very important that the foreign traveler need to hire a licensed and professional tourist guide in Nepal who has the necessary qualifications and experience. This makes sure that your journey is fully secure, pleasant, and educational, and ultimately memorable and fruitful.

The hiring guides contribute to promote sustainable tourism, ensure visitor satisfaction, as well as preserve the country's historical, cultural, and natural heritage.