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Patan Durbar Square

August 10, 2023


Historical Patan Durbar Square is located in the Lalitpur district of Nepal. Patan Durbar Square is one of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley, as well as Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, that were designated in 1979.The area is adorned with an ample number of antique temples, royal palaces, and courtyards that display highly complex Newar architectural architecture. The Newa Community constructed a wide range of temples and other structures both inside and outside the Durbar. 

Patan Durbar Square is significant both historically and culturally. Patan Durbar Square is famous for its outstanding Newari architecture, intricate wood carvings, and ancient temples. It was the royal palace structure of the Malla kings in Patan, Lalitpur. Malla Kings governed the region during the medieval period.

Visitors are able to explore around a collection of well-maintained temples, courtyards, and palaces on the square. The Golden Temple, a spectacular pagoda-style temple decorated with gold, the Krishna Temple, which is devoted to Lord Krishna and displays impressive stone, the Patan Museum, Bhimsen Temple, Taleju Bhawani Temple, and Vishwonath Temple are among the most notable buildings. Other noteworthy courtyards in the compound are Keshav Narayan Chowk and Sundari Chowk.

In addition to being a notable cultural and historical location, Patan Durbar Square is also a thriving center for traditional and aesthetic craftsmanship. There are various shops and workshops lining the streets nearby where talented artists produce and market elaborate metalwork, pottery, fabrics, and traditional handicrafts.

Travelers and history lovers traveling the Kathmandu valley should not miss the square because of its enduring beauty and architectural magnificence as well as its cultural and aesthetic importance. Besides providing a window into Nepal's illustrious past, it also functions as a bustling hub for both domestic and foreign tourists. Both Buddhism and Hinduism also find significance in it.

The earthquake in 2015 caused damage to Patan Durbar Square. It was later rebuilt, and some of the structures were renovated.