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Dinesh Kumar Shrestha

Founder & Managing Director
Dinesh Kumar Shrestha, the founder and Managing Director of Around Nepal Tour & Trek Private Limited Company, is a prominent and reputable figure in the field of adventure tourism. He has dedicated his life to promoting and organizing thrilling tours, peak climbing, hiking, and mountaineering trips in the Himalayas. He has almost two decades of expertise as a tour and trekking leader. His extensive knowledge of the mountains, together with his dedication to safety and sustainability, has earned him the trust and admiration of many explorers from all over the world. He founded this company to provide safe travel services to all types of people from across the world. His aim is to share with travelers the knowledge and pleasure of local people, their culture, distinctive landscapes, and environment, as well as to build long-term friendship relationships with clients and local people. He would like to invite you to explore Nepal's tourism destinations and join the Around Nepal Tour & Trek Private Limited Company.
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Prabha Kala Rai

CEO & Content Creator
Prabha Kala Rai is the visionary CEO of Around Nepal Tour and Trek, a leading Nepalese travel company. With over a decade of experience, she has transformed the tourism sector by providing unique adventures to people all around the world. She is also a highly qualified and creative content creator known for her ability to craft unique narratives and visuals that leave a permanent impression on her audience. She has an original knack for bringing the beauty and essence of the Himalayas to life through her captivating material, due to a genuine passion for travel, adventure, and the great outdoors. Her creative work not only shows the stunning vistas but also the region's dynamic culture and rich cultural legacy, allowing audiences to experience the Himalayan beauty from the comfort of their screens. Prabha, who remains as CEO and content creator at this company, promotes and supports sustainable and responsible tourism in this enthralling Himalayan region.
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Sagar Sangam Rai

Computer Officer
Sagar Sangam Rai is an excellent computer officer and full-stack developer. With a passion for both technology and adventure, Sagar specializes in creating fascinating digital experiences. As a significant member of Around Nepal Tour and Trek Private Limited Company, he executes his expertise to develop new solutions that improve the company's online presence and communicate with a wider audience. Sagar's artwork motivates others to discover the majestic beauty of the Himalayas and have wonderful experiences in this wonderful place.