Reg no.: 148884/72/073

Terms & Conditions

Around Nepal Tour and Trek Private Limited Company is a legal company that has been registered with the Nepal government under the registration number 148884/72/073.  Before booking any trips with our company Around Nepal Tour & Trek Private Limited, travelers should read our company's terms and conditions. So that our company and you may continue a genuine, long-term, and mutually beneficial relationship. Various policies and procedures are established by the company. They are as follows:

1. Trip booking contract policy

If a traveler deposits more than 20% of the entire cost of the trip, our company will confirm the booking.  Check your conformation details. If something is wrong, you must notify the company as soon as possible. Your name and address should match those in your passport.

If you book additional travelers, you are responsible for their actions in any condition of the trip, including verifying the document details, keeping information on them, modifying the itinerary, canceling, and so on. We believe you are in the state as a whole, which means you are entirely responsible for their required travel documentation.

2. Bokking a trip system

  • A trip is any activity that you purchase from us, such as a tour, hiking, trekking, excursion, or other adventure activities.
  • The contract between you and us arises only when the company sends you the confirmation invoice or email.
  • The company reserves the right to charge a lesser or higher cost for the trip prior to booking confirmation.
  • The company is entirely liable for the above-mentioned services or conditions, warranty, previous agreement, and collateral agreement.

3. Payment system for booking deposits

If you wish to book a trip with our company, you must pay a deposit of 20% of the total trip cost for airfare.  Then you must pay your dues before arriving in Nepal or during your first appointment with us.

4. System of refunds

If you cancel your trip after confirmation due to an unforeseen circumstance, the company will not return your 20% deposit, but you may reschedule your trip at a later date or recommend someone else to travel.

5. Trip Payment System

The traveler should pay the amount via the bank transfer and online payment systems. Both credit and debit cards are accepted by the company.

6. Cancellation right by Around Nepal Tour and Trek

Around Nepal Tour and Trek can cancel any trips such as booking trips due to unforeseeable situations such as bad weather, natural disasters, government interference, local strikes, airline cancellation, sickness, rioting, and so on. If the company is forced to cancel the trip, 20% of the total trip cost will not be refunded, but you can arrange another trip for the same amount.

7. Requirement of information on the physical and mental status of the traveler

Most Nepal trips need a client's excellent physical and mental health, as well as a specific age. If you request the company with your medical reports on time despite your bad metal and physical conditions. The company will strive to arrange less difficult journeys based on your conditions, but you are solely responsible for your own health.  As far as feasible, the company provides clients with particular services such as care givers, diets, and acclimation. Extra facilities include an additional charge that will be applied to the trip cost. Those agreements will be in writing. If an unforeseen circumstance occurs during your travel, the company will not be taken liable.

If the traveler is physically or mentally disabled and cannot travel normally, the company must be informed before the trip is booked. Otherwise, the company will cancel the booked trip. As a result, you could face a loss of your entire trip cost. Please keep us up to date on your health condition. It has to be noted that medical and other services vary depending on the trip.

7. Bank Address for transfer

        Name of the Beneficiary:  Around Nepal Tour and Trek Private Limited

        Address of the Beneficiary:  Kathmandu-16, Thamel

        Bank:  Everest Bank Ltd.

        Bank Address:  Kathmandu-16, Thamel

        Account No.:  03500501202463

        Account Type:  Nepalese

        Swift Code:  EVBLNPKA

        Branch Code: