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Privacy Policy

Around Nepal Tour and Trek Private Limited Company guarantees the security of your personal information. You can use our services as a client if you agree to the company's terms and conditions; otherwise, you are requested not to use our services. If you have any queries about our privacy policies, please send us an email at or call us at +9779840066844 for customer care.

Reasons for requiring the client's personal information

Personal information refers to a client's full name, age, home address, citizenship, place of residence, a contact number, e-mail address, medical information, insurance data, debit or credit card payment details, and so on.

Around Nepal Tour and Trek requires the client's personal information in order to provide the products and services requested by you or an agent in an optimal manner. When you pick our services, the company has the right to obtain personal and contact information from you. We solely use your information for planning trips and provide desired services and products.

Reasons to collect client’s personal information

  • To find and solve your requested products and services as a client.
  • To provide extensive information to customers about our products and services, as well as those of our partners, that may be of interest to you.
  • To resolve any queries with the products and services that you have requested in Around Nepal Tour & Trek.
  • To safeguard the safety and security of our clients.
  • Keeping records in our company's administration.
  • To follow all government regulations and laws.

 Consequences of clients failing to provide personal information

If clients fail to provide accurate information to Around Nepal Tour and Trek, the company will be unable to provide the necessary products and services. Clients may be unable to plan trips, obtain flight tickets, or receive refunds. So, the Company with respect requires that you share us with detailed personal and contact information. If you have any queries, please contact (+9779840066844) or send an email (

Protection and sharing personal information of our clients

We keep our clients' personal information safe on our system. However, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you share to us via the internet.

Because of the products and services we provide, the company is required to exchange personal information about our clients with our employees and other partners. Guides, travel companies, hotels, equipment suppliers, insurance companies, credit card processing entities, and so on are examples of service providers. They have been advised to keep our clients' personal information completely private.

Ways for collecting and updating clients’ personal information

When a client books a trip or requests products and services from our company, we collect both personal and contact information in writing.

You can correct your personal and contact information at any time by emailing our customer service staff members. You can correct them on time because we need to share your detailed information with various service providers. It is emphasized that it is difficult to modify your information if you are too late in modifying information.